Life Calling

Life is no stranger to anyone who has ever taken a breath, yet it remains a mystery that very few have been able to solve. When Kaanja finds...

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B.J.B Phoenix

I am You. You are Me. My whole life has been a learning of how we are all connected, have been from the time of our existence; from the time the Universe came into Being. 

Separation is an illusion we must rise above to live a meaningful life at the physical level. The first step is to discover our true Self. 

Find yourself; everything else is already here: Peace, Love, Happiness.

I hope to spread this understanding with my books. It's much easier than it might seem at first.

Life is calling; all you have to do is answer the call.

All proceeds from my books will be used to send a disadvantaged girl to school. Education and equal opportunities are key to making our world a better place for all of us. If you know a little girl who should be in school, recommend her at .